Sometimes the Issues Aren't What They Seem

My wife, Michelle, and I met with a couple that were  about how much time they should spend at her parents when they visited that weekend. We tried to get them to agree on the amount of time. He said 2 hours and she said 6 hours. Eventually, they compromised. He was at 4 hours and she was at 4...   Continue Reading



Why You Need Not Marry the Wrong Person

The New York Times most read story of 2016 recently popped back up on the most popular list again, nearly a year after in first ran last May. As is often the case for the most popular story, the topic was love and relationships “” by Alain de Botton.   A primary argument de...   Continue Reading



Mold Your Melancholy Mondays

Have you ever woken up one morning, nothing is actually wrong, but you feel like you’ve got a huge weight on your shoulders?  Or that your body aches, even though you darn well know you didn’t exercise the night before?  Or that it seems to take much more concentration to smile...   Continue Reading



How Being Vulnerable Changed Our Relationship

Counseling seems scary. But here’s a secret that could protect your future marriage- it’s not scary! See, it isn’t counseling itself that is nerve-racking (though seeking help does often come with a stigma), but rather, it is the knowledge that at that counseling appointment, you...   Continue Reading



The Importance of Intention

Planning a wedding has been classically described as a huge undertaking of time that costs a lot of money and has a ton of . With the average US wedding costing nearly , this description is a reality for many couples. From selecting the perfect dress, to the beautiful venue, to delicious food, and...   Continue Reading



9 Relationship Posts to Saddle up and Read

We received so many uniquely beautiful , like the one shared above, during our  campaign.  In addition to the stories we received from couples like you, many bloggers were excited to share their stories as a part of our campaign.  Some bloggers shared their relationship stories, some...   Continue Reading



Showcase First Dates

First and foremost, we want to thank all the couples who have participated in our  before and during National Marriage Week.  It would not have been such a success if you weren’t invested in checking in with your relationship and aligned with our vision of bringing the butterflies...   Continue Reading



Relight the Fire in Your Relationship

The snow has fallen, wool socks have been pulled out of storage, fire places have been lit, winter is here and it has plateaued: don’t let your relationship do the same.  Here’s the thing about , it’s a natural part of a relationship’s journey, but it can be avoided. ...   Continue Reading



Bring Back the Butterflies Contest

Some first  turn out flawless, they go exactly as planned. Your shirt remains free of pit stains, you manage to make your date laugh several times throughout the date, you hear doves singing in the distance, and at the end of the night, you seal the deal with a kiss. Other first dates? Not so...   Continue Reading
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