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Military couples are facing huge challenges as they are asked to serve and protect around the world.  As our service men and women are deployed more often and for longer periods of time, increased strain is being placed on their marriages and families.
The Couple Checkup inventory has several important features for military couples.  During the initial stage of the automated customization process, the checkup asks if either partner is active in the military.  It then clarifies how they are being affected by military life and/or deployment.  This allows the computer system to tailor the content of the inventory in the following ways.
Along with the standard topics covered in the Couple Checkup, each military couple receives content in one of the following areas:
  • The Preparing for Deployment category looks at how ready a couple feels for their time apart.  More specifically, it explores deployment related challenges such as relationship stress, finances, and household responsibilities.
  • The Military Deployment category looks at how well a couple is dealing with their time apart.
  • The Returned from Deployment category looks at well a couple managed their time apart and how they feel about the process of reintegration.
  • The Military Life category explores how a couple feels about the benefits and challenges of military life.  More specifically, it explores issues such as relocations, family support, and relationship stress.  This scale is given to couples who indicate deployment is not an issue for them.
Each military couple is given a Personal Stress Profile made up of a checklist of 25 items.  Couples are asked to indicate how frequently each issue causes them stress.  Each partner's top 10 stressors are listed in their report, as well as their personal stress levels ranging from low to very high.
For couples currently separated by deployment or recently reunited following deployment, they are asked to rate how the Closeness and Flexibility in their relationship has changed since they were deployed, allowing the Couple Checkup to compare current versus pre-deployment levels.
Finally, we have created a free Military Couple's Discussion Guide which serves as a companion resource for couples who want to further explore their Couple Checkup results through skills-building exercises and guided discussions.
Military Group Summary Report
The Couple Checkup can be used with groups and will allow group leaders to generate a free Group Summary Report.  When used with military couples, the new content is included in the group summary, allowing chaplains and other leaders to tailor their programs to best address the needs of their service men and women.  The new military scales were designed to work with all branches of the military, including the Reserves and National Guard.  
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