Couple Checkup™ for your church.

Couple Checkup™ for your Church applies the insights of our data-driven, trusted assessment engine in a churchwide setting.
Get a pulse on the health of relationships across your entire congregation, while building community through a customizable group experience.

Here are some of the ways Couple Checkup™ for your Church will transform the way you serve couples:
  • Creates a unifying experience that normalizes the idea of talking about relationships and builds community within your church
  • Provides guidance and a framework to begin serving all couples in your congregation
  • Illuminates relationship strength and growth areas of the congregation as a whole, enabling you to focus on the most crucial topics
  • Form smart, effective long-term strategy by knowing where to focus your efforts
  • Identify good candidates to lead future marriage ministries and small groups
  • Informs relevant, specific content for sermons, small group curriculum, and more
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