The Couple Checkup: Find Your Relationship Strengths The COUPLE CHECKUP:
Find Your Relationship Strengths

by David H. Olson, Amy K. Olson-Sigg, Peter J. Larson

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Would you wait 100,000 miles to change the oil in your car?
Would you go 25 years without a dental checkup?
Would you have a physical exam only once in your lifetime?

Your relationship deserves a checkup too!

The Couple Checkup provides a guide for you to better understand your relationship; whether you are dating, engaged or married. With a FREE Online Individual Profile to go along with the book this is a perfect way to give your relationship a Checkup!

Drawing on over 35 years of research and the responses of over 50,000 couples, The Couple Checkup explores issues such as communication, finances, sexuality, spirituality, and parenting. You will compare your results with other couples and learn principles for strenghtening your relationship with one another.

Once your Individual Profile is complete, you can upgrade your account allowing your partner to take the inventory and produce a full Couple Checkup Report that reflects how you both view the relationship.

Excerpts from the book
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"Where was this 5 years ago when we got married? This assessment helped me and my wife see our marriage as it is. It reminded us of our many strengths, but also helped us to see where we needed to work to make our marriage better. I love the fact that we can see our marriage as it is without the rest of the world knowing about it."

"Our marriage was beginning to struggle. We didn't know where to turn. We saw the online assessment and decided to take it. Now we know where to begin to work on our relationship. For the first time in a while, we both have hope. Thank you."

"I think it is a very effective tool that creates very positive dialogue in a safe, constructive environment."
    -New Zealand

"We both agree that the assessment accurately highlights both the strong areas and 'growth' areas (yes, we still have 'growth' areas after 25 years of wedded bliss). I thought the whole process was easy to follow and 'user-friendly' for occasional computer users. I was impressed at the detail of the assessment results. The language of the results was encouraging, not condemning."

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